Headlight Eyelashes

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Headlight Eyelashes

Don’t expose to the sun for a long time.
Let your car rest for a few hours after the installation.
The radian and size of the eyelash can be adjusted according to different headlight.
The sticker will not harm the automotive spray-paint.Description:
100% Brand new and high quality
Colour: Black
Type:Eyelashes Decal
Suitable for:All Cars
Feature: Eyelashes can be shaped to any curl
Occasion: Wedding Celebration, Travel, Daily, etc
Size: 29 x 17cm/11.42”x 6.69” (Approx.)How to install?
1. Clean surface and remove dirt, oils on the place where you are ready to stick on, wait until dry.
2. Heat the adhesive tape with your hair drier or other tools.
3. Try to attach the eyelashes to your headlight.
4. Press to firm the eyelashes, and don’t wash your car during 24 hours.Package Included:1 Pair of Car Headlight Eyelash Sticker