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Diamond/Gem Tester

How to prepare?
Mark on the battery
Turn the Power Switch On
Confirm the Battery Lamp lights up
Wait for about 30 seconds till the Ready Lamp lights up.Operation method:
1. Turn on the power, power indicator light goes on, the instrument begins to warm up, a few seconds later, the instrument can be used.
2. According to the weight of the measured bare drill and the location of the temperature, light a number of light-emitting diodes.
3. Remove the probe sheath, holding the instrument, the right index finger touches the instrument back cover conductive plate; the probe vertically contact the table of bare drill lightly.
4. Carefully watch the reaction of the instrument, if the remaining yellow light-emitting diodes light, when the light to the nine diodes, and accompanied by a beep, indicating that the diamond was tested for real diamonds. Conversely, if there are fewer than nine diodes lit and no beeps are heard, false diamonds or counterfeit products are used.Repair and maintenance:
1. The instrument probe is very sensitive, be particularly careful to protect it, it should be put on probe sheath.
2. When the READY indicator light is dark, the battery should be replaced.
3. If the instrument is not used for a long time, remove the battery.Efficacy: Identification of a true or false diamond electronic equipment
Precautions: Do not open anything other than the battery cover to prevent damage to the instrument.

DIAMONDS–1. Beeping sound (beep-beep-beep)
2. 1 1~4 of the Red Lamp box OF the Level Meter 2 will light on.
(More no. of Red Lamp boxes will light up for bigger sized stones.)

(Except Synthetic Moissanite) 1. No Beeping sound.
2. No Red Lamp boxes will light on. Green and/or up to Yellow Lamp boxes may light on depending on the type of simulants.)

METAL ALERT 1. Continuous buzzing sound.
(The thermal conductivity of the metal is very high and can give the same indication as a Diamond with most Thermal Probes. The Diamond Selector II has a Metal Alert buzzer to warn you when the Probe tip touches metal.) If you hear the Metal Alert buzzing sound. re-touch the Probe tip so as to touch only the tested stone.

Weight: 103g
Powered by DC 9V battery x 1 (not included )

Package included:
1 x Diamond selector II tester
1 x Protected leather bag
1 x Texting Platform
1 x User manual