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5pc Nail Glue

Type: Glue
Color: Clear
Occasion: Professional Salon or Home Use
N.W. : 3G (Approx.)
Features: Well Durable Sticky, Nail Glitter
Tips Acrylic Glue, Nail Art Adhesives
How to Use:
1. Open the nail glue by cutting the top a little
1. False Nails: To apply the glue on the back of
the false nails, then push the false nails from the
nail top to the nail bottom; after being pressed, the
false nails would be glued.
2. Rhinestones: Apply the glue on the decoration
by using a little stick, then put the rhinestones
on the glued area and press for a while.
Package Includes:
5 x Nail Glue

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