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There are huge benefits to tactical gear.

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Of course there’s the most important benefit: Safety. Different types of tactical clothing ultimately protects the wearer in extreme situations such as helmets, goggles, vests…self defense is also a benefit of tactical weapons, but they’re also a source of safety, self defense, and security for the user. Tactical gear supports good weapons usage by giving proper support and safe ways to carry, as well as bettering the performance you get when you use your weapons.

Tactical gear is best suited for (hunting, training, self-defense etc…) This is where the line gets blurry. We like to say tactical gear is best for, above all else, our military and law enforcement, because they use their tactical gear on the daily to protect our lives. After that, tactical gear is best suited for pretty much anyone. It never hurts to be overly prepared, whether you’re hunting, practicing self defense, or playing paintball or airsoft. So what is tactical gear best suited for?

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